Common curly products and methods leave your hair stringy.

Plus, your hair isn't quite curly.

But when you air dry, your hair is frizzy and semi-resembles Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries (before Paolo gets his hands on her hair). 

But your waves are not the ugly before.

I help women & non-binary people completely transform their wavy curls through easy to understand education and adapting curl methods to fit the needs of wavy hair.

All kinds of wavy is made for the curls that just don't fit in.

I'm experienced in helping those with 2a, 2b, 2c, and 3a curl patterns as well as a mix of these (I personally have all four!)

Bethany didn’t know her hair was wavy..

FOR 35 YEARS…(but she totally looks 25 am I right?!) She discovered her waves and wanted a low maintenance routine that would enhance her looser wave pattern. By discovering more about her hair and having products customized to her hair type, she is loving her results!

Nina didn’t understand her curl pattern..

But I showed her the potential her hair had and she put my routines to the test. Learning to style her waves changed everything for her!

Hey, I’m Alex!

I didn't know my hair was wavy for 23 years.

I actually believed that it was half curly.

When my hair started to flip at the bottom, I would chop it shorter and I brushed it four times a day to keep it from tangling.

While embracing and learning everything about wavy hair, I shared my journey on social media.

This led me to consulting with thousands of wavies all around the world!

I'm here to educate wavies on methods and products that support their hair type and goals.

Cut the time you would spend figuring it out in half by investing in my upcoming course Owning Your Hair Type.